Green Building Standards

Improving our environment

What is green building?


environmentally responsible

Creating structures and using processes that are environmentally
responsible and resource-efficient throughout a building’s life-cycle
from siting to design, construction, operation, maintenance,
renovation and deconstruction



Makes efficient use of land, materials, energy and water and
generates minimal to no waste


healthy environment

Provides a healthy indoor environment for its occupants

Energy consumption has a far reaching environmental impact, and it is a significant element in each phase of home building. During the design, siting and construction of a green Alternative Modular HomeSM some of the considerations are:

Energy efficiency through lot development and home siting
Efficiency inherent in the building design, materials specification, indoor environmental quality, and homeowner continuing maintenance of the home
Overall impact of the home on the environment

Since energy consumption has a far reaching environmental impact, it is weighed heavily in our green building program. By building a green Alternative Modular HomeSM, home buyers participate in establishing the steps to be followed to make their homes as energy efficient as their budget will allow. In other words – greenifying their homes!

In addition to energy efficiency, indoor air quality is frequently cited as an important feature of green homes. By incorporating products that minimize off-gasses, a green Alternative Modular HomeSM will result in a healthier home. Additionally, heat recovery systems with air filtration are available to improve home air quality.

How we achive green building standarts

Green building strandards in our homes

Palmer Development Corp. works with home buyers to address all the components available to their homes
in an effort to reduce the global impact building a new home can have on the environment for years to come!


Less Waste

Design flexibility in incremental lengths creates less material waste



Manufacturing process incorporates recycling of wire, cardboard, steel, drywall, sheathing, and water



24″ on-center construction not only uses less lumber, but also provides more insulation, thus saving energy as compared to 16″ on-center spacing


Engineered roof

Engineered roof trusses use less lumber than conventional rafters while increasing load bearing capacity


engineered wood

Utilizing engineered wood products in construction


Bulk purchasing

Bulk purchasing of adhesives and paint saves waste


Energy Star

Energy Star rated appliances available


Lumber lenght

Cut to length lumber saves energy and waste

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